11 Years of Fun And Hotness

Oct, 03 2020
On 10th of October this year, TotallyHotStuff proudly celebrates the 11th year delighting customers with creative gifts and ideas.A quick walk down the memory lane, we fondly remember our first retail outlet at The Cathay (#02-13) which was set up to house unique brands and products under one roo...

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I Totally Love Singapore Because...

Aug, 04 2020
The onset of the pandemic this year has almost swept many of us off our feet unwittingly. But because of our steadfast love for our nation, our unifying solidarity and exemplary resolve of our leaders, we stand unwavered. We ran a quick campaign to gather the sentiments of our fellow peers, and a...

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Shuvenir Tote Bag

Jan, 10 2020
Simply spend $38 and receive this Auspicious Shuvenir Tote Bag, which you can carry around during your visits this Chinese New Year, or fill it up with goodies and give to your loved ones.

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Nov, 30 2019
In celebration of our TENth anniversary, we have prepared a galore of TENtalising deals for you. With a galore of items all priced at $10, you no longer need to spend hours on end searching for the budget-friendly yet practical and useful gifts for your Christmas gift exchange. You can get them h...

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Totally Timely Deal

Oct, 12 2019
Fancy getting a watch (worth up to $49.95 each) only at $5 with every $20 spent? For a limited time only till 31st of October, so, be timely.

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