Hot Space

Trends of shopping have changed in the past decade. While internet retail is estimated to expand to 10% of total Singapore retail sales in 2022, many successful businesses today maintains a physical brand presence while actively building their online market reach. They leverage on the many complementary merits of both online and offline channels to win both mind and wallet-share from consumers.

Why Hot Space?

Capitalising on the trends of 'Showrooming', we have launched Hot Space where well-curated, design-centric and artisanal vendors can showcase and prominently market their brands and products to retail shoppers with a touch and feel experience, and channel them to their online stores via QR codes on display. 

Consider having an average of 1500-2000 walk-in customers a day at Bugis+ or about 500-1000 walk-in customers at Orchardgateway getting to know your brand and products and attracting them to your online store from as low as about $3.20 /day to a max of about $15.00 /day? Wish to have a physical space where your online customers can view your actual products before making a purchase, test out a new product or expand your brand to Singapore's market without needing to invest heavily in infrastructure set-up?

Understanding the needs of many product vendors both locally and internationally, Hot Space is created as a supportive retail display advertising platform to drive your business forward by bringing you more opportunities, and less uncertainties in today's highly competitive online marketplace. And you may also get a sizeable boost in sales with potential bulk orders from our corporate clients!

Price Plans

Based on each Hot Space size of  50-80cm (L) x 30-45cm (W) x 25-30cm (H). Currently we have 2 outlets available for Hot Space (Bugis+ #02-51/52, and Orchardgateway #03-02). 

Kindly note that the option for a 1-month sign-up is only valid until 31st of October. Thereafter, a minimum of 3-months sign-up per contract is required. If you wish to test your product's current marketability or whether Hot Space is a good channel to reach out to more audience for your products, do give it a shot. 

Aside from these standardised spaces, there are some differently sized spaces which are separately quoted. Kindly check with us if you are interested to find out more about these spaces.

Choping your space and getting started!

Spaces are limited and are allocated at a first-come-first serve basis. Enjoy the advantage of securing some spaces which have larger sizes, yet priced the same as those smaller ones at the same tier and location. 

1) Simply head down to either one of the outlets at Bugis+ (#02-51/52) or Orchardgateway (#03-02)

2) Select your preferred space

3) Click here to sign up 

4) Speak to our friendly staff to process the payment on the spot

5) We will proceed to create an account for you and you can start to display your items in 1-3 days time 

Have any questions? Email us at or call us at 65702885 and we will assist you to help your business thrive!

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