Essential Wonder Shrimps Self-Sustaining Eco-friendly-System

$ 98.60

Thinking of having a pet but afraid it requires a lot of time and effort? How about a pet that is hassle-free and requires no maintenance at all?

Yes, now its possible with Wonder Shrimps! You don't have to clean them and you don't even have to feed them! Working everyday? No problem! Place your pet at your office table so that you can keep an eye on them all day long.

These special Wonder Shrimps can survive in the system as the water is specially formulated with beneficial bacteria and natural algae whereby the bacteria breaks down the waste and the nutrients are used to grow the algae and this is the source of food for the shrimps. Once this cycle is established, the shrimps can survive in these systems for over 10 years.

These ecosystems units make fantastic pets for the office or as unique gifts as they do not require any filter pumps, water changes, etc, and many of our existing shrimp keepers are keeping their favorite ornamental shrimps at home and getting these Wonder Shrimp Eco-friendly-systems for their office to enjoy the best of both worlds.

More Details
Weight (Gross) Large Carafe: 821g, Large Cubic: 835g
Dimensions (Packaging) Large Carafe: 8.5 x 8.5 x 22.5cm, Large Cubic: 9.5 x 9.0 x 15.5cm
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