Iconic Battle of Cat Vs Crow Towel Holder

$ 49.95

The legendary battle between the cat and the crow, perfect rivals to one another as they face off once more. This time, there won't be any rematches and both are simply bidding their time to strike and clinch their victory. Would the crow be able to fly and soar to the skies once more or will they be overpowered by the patient and languid cat? 

Give your kitchen a modern look with this unique item designed to hold a paper towel in a fun and quirky way. Infuse more fun and creativity in your kitchen with a simple yet practical accessory like this. Also, a totally original gift for a modern home.

More Details
Weight (Gross) 595g
Dimensions (Packaging) 21.0 x 15.0 x 39.0cm
Material Metal
Additional Information No assembly required, sold in one piece
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