Retrospective "I do" Ornaments

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In the Old Testament, Adam and Eve were created in God’s likeness. Their love for each other is the image of the love God has for us. The love of Adam and; Eve was a pure and intimate love. We are commanded by God to love one another as He loves us. In the Sacrament of Matrimony, a man and woman are united in a very special way. It is a celebration of a lifelong commitment of love - it is the highest example of love.This love of a husband and wife is a reflection and reminder of the love God has for us. We need examples of honest, loving, and supportive husbands and wives in the world today - be that example!


  • Hand painted.
  • Individually packed in a personalised box.
  • Decoration item.
  • Makes a great gift.
  • Fun way to learn about Saints and Faith.
  • Good gift for educators, teachers and parents.
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Dimensions (Packaging) 3.5" (Height)
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