Iconic SG Local Food Postcard

$ 7.95

Singapore is known for being a food lover's paradise, and on this nifty little postcard we have some ideas where you can start on your Singaporean food journey! The postcard gives you an idea of the food from different cultures that you can experience. For those with a sweet tooth, you can try Kuih Talam, which is a chewy and dense layered dessert made from flour, pandan juice and coconut. There's the Kaya Toast Set and Roti Prata which are classic Singaporean breakfasts consisting of buttered toast and soft-boiled egg. Roti Prata is a South Indian flatbread that is made by frying buttered dough over a flat grill. Make sure you catch the prata-wala throwing the dough in the air several times before he fries it!

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