Cosy Curry Puff Cushion

$ 34.90

What's brown, crispy and irresistible? You got it, curry puffs!

A savoury pastry revered for its fragrant mishmash of Malay, Indian and Chinese cultures - it's oh-so-Singapore! Nom Nom Plush's zero-calorie curry puff plushie gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling - just flip it to the side to convert it to a sardine curry puff! This zero-calorie goodie is also available as a pouch and keychain!

More Details
Material Polypropylene cotton, finished with Velboa fabric
Dimensions (Product) 55.0 x 32.0cm (Large), 35.0 x 20.0cm (Small)
Weight (Gross) 653g (Large), 308g (Small)
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