Customised 3D Santa Tumbler

$ 15.40

Santa knows whether you've been nice...or naughty! Spread the festive joy with this tumbler that features a 3D version of Santa's face, or any other character to your liking. With this bottle, you'll be feeling like it's Christmas all year round!

Have a unique shape or character face? We get it customised in 3D for you and affix in on a tumbler, so everyone who uses it will smile with every sip.

Our mood is often affected by the faces that surround us. Facing the stresses of our daily lives, having a cheeky grin next to you helps to make your day as positive and cheerful as possible. So, drink happy, be happy!

Aside from 3D faces, brand mascots or any shapes can be made as well to best reflect the brand and marketing message.

Material options

  1. Great value - Inner Plastic, Outer Plastic (1hr hot, 2hrs cold)
  2. Mid-range - Inner Stainless Steel, Outer Plastic (2hrs hot, 3hrs cold)
  3. Premium - Inner Stainless Steel, Outer Stainless Steel, 3hrs hot, 4hrs cold)
More Details
Material Food-grade stainless steel / Plastic (Tumbler), Soft-touch plastic (3D face)
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