Lucky Cat Collectibles (Moving Paw)

$ 39.95

Our welcoming series of Lucky Cats may be elusive at times as they can be a little hard to get hold of. Unless you urgently need to receive your cats within 3-5 days from your date of purchase, you may check back here for updates on the colours available in-stock from time to time. Alternatively, you can click here to secure any colours you like by making pre-order purchases. Do allow 30-45 days for delivery of pre-orders made.

Get your very own lucky charm or gift it to someone you care about. Meet Maneki-neko, a famous Japanese figurine that waves adorably at you with a vibe of positivity. This auspicious Lucky Cat is commonly believed to bring good luck to the owner, essentially so as a cat is believed to have 9 lives. The coin the cat carries with it stands for "SEN MAN RYOU", that means 10 million gold pieces for you, likening a fortune of wealth showering on you!

Choose from 16 attractive colours, each symbolising different types of goodness spanning from elevated wisdom to thriving fertility. Choose the colour that best resonates with you, or one with a message of blessing you wish to convey to someone you care about. 

Available colours

  • Blue - Intelligence & Academic Success
  • Dark Blue Honesty and reliability
  • Galaxy - Mediation & Unity
  • Gold - Judgement & Justice
  • Green - Family & Community
  • Grey - Stability & Security
  • Matt Black - Elegance & Tranquility
  • Moonlight - Hypnosis & Inspiration 
  • Mint Green - Health & Confidence
  • Neon Orange - Passion & Energy
  • Pink - Love & Romance
  • Red Courage and strength
  • Shinny Black - Gentleness & Fertility
  • Violet - Relaxation & Self-Confidence
  • Yellow - Wealth & Prosperity
  • White - Peace & Reflection
More Details
Dimensions (Product) 10.5 (D) x 15.0cm (All colours), 8.0 (D) x 13.0cm (Red)
Additional Information Japanese lucky charm cat - Moving left paw - Works with a LR06 (AA) battery (not included)
Dimensions (Packaging) 10.8 x 10.4 x 16.4cm (All colours), 8.5 x 8.5 x 13cm (Red)
Weight (Gross) 141g
Material Plastic
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