Restful Sleep Wellness Pack

$ 327.00

Reduce stress and suffering from sleeping disorders when you enjoy deeper and better quality sleep and wake up feeling fully-energised with clarity of mind.

Gift pack includes

  • 1 x Restful Energia Pillow (Designed and made for superior comfort, this pillow moulds perfectly to the contours of your neck and head for an excellent support. The material of the pillow emits alpha waves, which improves the quality of your sleep and helps in mental acuity and focus. It also emits far-infrared rays and releases negative ions which improve blood circulation and eliminate odours) - $327
  • 1 x Comforting Energia Socks (Our feet are the farthest from our the heart so it is especially important to keep the blood flowing properly between the feet and the heart at all times. Effective in helping improve blood and energy flow, these socks provide seamless therapy on-the-go) - $94.00
  • 1 x Theurapeutic Energia Soap (Gentle on face and body, this soap tourmaline-infused soap recharges your body with negative ions in every wash) - $13.00
  • 1 x Calming Energia Essential Oil (World's first natural aromatherapy that resonates with your body to holistically optimize your well-being) - $49.00
  • Total retail value: $483.00
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