Restorative Stay-at-Home Pack

$ 149.00

Work and life can get pretty chaotic, especially with the current situation. With this, it’s all about enjoying the relaxing moments of peace and finding pockets of happiness in the chaos.

Gift pack includes

  • 1 x Pleasant Aromatherapy Diffuser & Reeds (Calm your nerves as you manage the stresses of both work and home with solitude and stride) - $23.90 
  • 1 x Expressive 'I Wish You Tea' (Have a refreshing start of the day with a variety of aromatic tea packed with anti-oxidants) - $24.95
  • 1 x Nutritious Superfood Box (Enjoy 12 delectable and health-boosting snacks - 3 x Omega Booster 30g, 3 x Cheng Tng Almond Mix 30g, 3 x Coffee Almond Biscotti with Red Quinoa 24g, 3 x Heartystrong 25g) - $29.90
  • 1 x Innovative Thermal Bottle With Bluetooth Speaker (Stay well-hydrated as you work at home, as you immerse yourself in soothing music) - $49.95 
  • 1 x Useful On-off Lamp (Enjoy the calm of ambient warm light with a single touch of a 'button') - $29.95
  • 1 x Lazy Eyeglasses (Unwind your day with a movie or two in a totally flat, comfortable and well-rested position) - $19.95
  • Total retail value: $178.60
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