Premium 4K HDMI Cable

$ 24.00

This high quality HDMI cable is made to meet the highest standard of performance. Use a good, premium cable, and you will never get back to those generic ones with dubious quality.

Compatible models 

- HDMI (Type A · 19 pin) side: LCD TV with HDMI input terminal, Plasma TV, Projector, 

- HDMI (Type A · 19 pin) side: AV equipment with HDMI output terminal, game machine etc.


  • Ideal for Ultra HD Blu-ray
  • Standard Premium HDMI Cable certification acquired
  • Connector shape HDMI (Type A · 19 pin) - HDMI (Type A · 19 pin)
  • Cable type Standard (Nylon mesh processing)
  • Transmission speed - 18 Gbps
  • Supported resolutions - 4K × 2K (60p) compatible
  • Shielding method - Three-fold shield
  • Plug plating specification - Gold plate
  • Cable length 1.0 m
  • Cable thickness 6.5 mm
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