Breezy Fan With Mobile Stand

$ 15.00 $ 10.00

Beat the heat with this travel-friendly gadget, perfect for today's scorching weather. Its compact design and powerful airflow provide instant relief. Features include adjustable fan speed, rechargeable battery, ergonomic grip, and quiet operation. Stay comfortable wherever you are. Designed for both on-the-go lifestyle and scorching temperatures, it includes an integrated mobile phone stand for added convenience to complement today’s mobile-savvy lifestyles.

- Powerful fan for instant relief in hot weather
- Integrated mobile phone stand for hands-free use
- Compact and portable design for mobility
- Adjustable fan speed for personalized comfort
- Rechargeable battery ensures continuous use
- 1hrs (Charging), 2-3hrs (Usage)

Capacity 800mAh
Colours White
Dimensions (Product) 70 x 25 x 130mm
Material ABS
Weight (Gross) 90g
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