Prosperous CNY Apron Tote Bag

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Get ready to spice up your Chinese New Year celebrations with the Fortune Flows Tote Bag – a game-changer that's as dazzling as a shower of lucky money! Inspired by the iconic red packet (红包), this innovative accessory is not just a tote bag; it's a showstopper that magically transforms into an apron, making your festive season a blend of tradition and laughter.


  1. Cash Splash Illusion: Unbutton the tote bag, and watch as it transforms into an apron, creating the hilarious illusion that money is bursting out of the ang bao. It's like your very own personal money-making apron – perfect for those who want to cook up some prosperity in the kitchen!

  2. Versatile Chic: This tote bag doesn't just carry your essentials; it carries style too! Whether you're hitting the CNY festivities or turning heads at the grocery store, our Fortune Flows Tote Bag adds a dash of chic to your look. Who says fashion can't be a wealth statement?

  3. Culinary Prosperity: Turn heads in the kitchen with the apron mode. It's not just about cooking; it's about cooking with a flair for prosperity. The apron's vibrant design and playful money illusion will turn your kitchen into a stage for culinary showmanship!

  4. Gifting Extravaganza: Looking for a gift that says, "You're one-of-a-kind, and so is this bag"? Your search ends here! The Fortune Flows Tote Bag is a unique, laughter-inducing gift that's sure to bring joy and prosperity to anyone lucky enough to receive it.

  5. Durability with a Dash of Luck: Crafted from high-quality materials, this tote bag can withstand the hustle and bustle of CNY activities. It's not just a bag; it's a durable companion, ensuring you're ready for whatever the Year of the Tiger throws your way!

Pre-order Now and Let the Fortune Flows Begin!

The only accessory that turns heads, sparks laughter, and brings a touch of prosperity to every step you take! Act fast, because good fortune waits for no one! 

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Colours Red
Dimensions (Product) 30.0 x 40.0cm (Tote bag), 30.00 x 55.0cm (When unfolded into an apron)
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