Colloquial SG Post-its

$ 3.95

Want to get your message across quickly? Use Singlish! A colloquial language in Singapore, many Singlish phrases are quick to the point, with a little tinge of humour most of the time. Are you a tough cookie? Get your message across with character while staying "gung ho" with Garang Soldier. Want to drop an invite to your classmate or colleague? Add that personal touch with Jio You Now. Rushing to complete an important task but overshadowed by other errands? Pen it down on Kan Cheong (spider)! Need a favour from that someone who can totally help you with it? Paiseh Ah got you covered! The possibilities are endless with our ingenious versions of good o'l Post-Its.

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Weight (Gross) 68g
Dimensions (Product) 9.0 x 1.0 x 9.0cm
Contents 100 Sheets
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