Old-school Tin Toy Taxi Sedan

$ 39.95

In the last century, countless beautiful tin toy cars have been produced by the famous toy makers of Europe, USA and Japan, and most toy cars have become highly collectible today. Shanghai toy makers started to manufacture tin toy cars as early as 1920's. Shanghai-made toy cars became very popular in Asia in the 1960's and were in high demand during the Cultural Revolution period (1966-1976). 

Today, as one of the leading tin toy manufacturers in Shanghai, Saint John is proud to present the high quality tin toy car collections for all toy car lovers out there. Each of the toy cars require the dedication and unsurpassed skills from the designers, engineers and craftsmen. Start collecting Saint John's tin toy cars and discover the fun and uniqueness of each of the cars that are made specially for you.

More Details
Dimensions (Packaging) 19.5 x 6.5 x 7.5cm
Weight (Gross) 206g
Additional Information This product is not a children's toy. It is intended for collectors of 14 years of age and above.
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