Iconic Jerusalem Map Wall Clock

$ 75.00 $ 37.50

This wall clock features a printing of a section of Jerusalem's city center. Jerusalem, a sacred and holy place to many is also the place of origin of the Artori brand of lifestyle products.

The clock hands are located at a square called "Talitha Kumi" which is located at the corner of Ben Yehuda and King George streets. The origin of the name, translated from Aramaic to Hebrew is literally: "Wake up little girl". The story describes a miracle done by Jesus, which caused a little girl - the daughter of Yair Galili, to wake up and walk after being ill and in a coma. The square is still a popular meeting spot for young people.

More Details
Material Glass
Dimensions (Packaging) 32 x 32 x 4.5cm
Weight (Gross) 790g
Additional Information Requires One (1) AA battery
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