Awesome Door Hangers

$ 14.95

Our Totally Awesome Door Hangers rises to the occasion when a non-verbal communication is required. With 22 catchy phrases, we've got you covered with whatever mood, situation or action you're in - be it an intense DOTA match, burning the midnight oil, or simply some much needed quiet time. 


  • MAI KAYPOH - None Of Your Business
  • LEE~SERVIST - Haven Outpro Leh
  • STAY CLEAR -Booby Traps Everywhere
  • COME BACK LATER - Watching Porn Now
  • BE WARNED - Viewer Discretion Advised, It's That Time Of The Month
  • NO ENTRY - Unless You Have Booze, Unless You Are A D-Cup
  • DO NOT ENTER- I Repeat Do Not Enter
  • DO NOT DISTURB - Fighting War On The Screen, Potential Harvard Student Is Mugging, I'm Focusing On My Sh*t, Super Hero In The Making, Mugging Mode, Having My Beauty Rest, B*tch Mode On, Useless Meeting In Progress, Billion Dollar Idea In The Progress, Having Some ME Time, Making Babies In Progress, Making Love In Progress
More Details
Dimensions (Packaging) 8.3 x 1.2 x 21.0cm
Weight (Gross) 126g
Material Paper (400gsm)
Packaging Shrink wrap
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