Sassy Phraser Bookmark

$ 8.95

Here's a twist on conventional bookmarks - the creative design of this bookmark means that you won't have to deal with bookmarks that stick out of the pages. You can also line your books on the shelf and see which books you have to return to at one glance!


  • Keeps track: Forgotten where you left off on your last book? No need to fold or ruin your book pages anymore. Get our ingenious bookmark and never worry about forgetting again!
  • It’s secure: Aptly designed to keep our bookmark from falling out. How annoying is it when you open up that particular page and that bookmark just conveniently slips out?! Get ours today and put that worry behind you!
  • One of a kind: Totally belongs to those who love reading a.k.a all you bookworms out there, our sassy Be Right Back bookmark is surely meant for you!
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Dimensions (Packaging) 7.5 x 10.2 x 1.0cm
Weight (Gross) 20g
Material Plastic
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