Premium Type C + 4-USB Travel Adapter

$ 58.50

Premium travel adapter that comes with 8 hole sockets and suitable for use with high-powered appliances of up to 2000W, 8.0A. Includes a USB Type C port with a total of 5 USB ports with an unrivalled output of 5.6A.

Efficient, safe, with a long lifetime and good performance, this is a high quality travel adapter. Made of fire retardant PC material and nickel clad copper plug with good electrical conductivity, this travel adapter is CE, ROHS and FCC approved.

  • Adapter can be used in over more than 150 countries in the world
  • 100-240V AC, 8 holes multi-socket for global use
  • 4-in-1 plugs (UK, EU, US, AUS)
  • 1 Type C slot, 4 x USB slots
  • USB output 5600mA, 5V
  • Type C output 3000mA, 5V
  • Comes with lightning protection
  • Can be customised to include a luminous logo
More Details
Dimensions (Packaging) 7.3cm x 5.4cm x 5.3cm
Packaging White box
Material Fire retardant Bayer PC
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