Bashful Cow
Bashful Cow
Bashful Cow
Bashful Cow

Bashful Cow


Feeling exhausted or burnt out having worked like a cow? Bring this industrious-looking cow home and be reminded that every effort you have put in is not in vain as you plough tirelessly towards overflowing riches. Do you know that cows are symbols of wealth?

Actually the word Cattle (calves, cows and bulls) did not originate as the term for bovine animals.

  1. It came from CAPITALE meaning 'principal sum of money, capital' and CAPUT 'head'.
  2. Cattle originally meant movable personal property, especially livestock of any kind, as opposed to real property (the land, which also included wild or small free-roaming animals such as chickens—they were sold as part of the land).
  3. It is closely related to capital in the economic sense.
  4. The term replaced earlier Old English feoh 'cattle, property', which survives today as fee.
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Additional InformationRecommended for ages 12 months and up
Dimensions (Product)11.0 x 10.0 x 23.0cm (Medium)
Material100% Polyester
Weight (Gross)145g