Drinking Derby


Everyone loves a little flutter on the Gee Gees, so make sure you back the winner in this Drinking Derby card set, and avoid becoming a last place also-ran. The horse based drinking game that puts the giddy in giddy-up, this is perfect fun-filled entertainment for parties or nights in with friends. With everything included in the set, all you need to do is find a flat surface on which to play then add in the alcohol!

Based on the popular horse racing drinking game, Drinking Derby mixes in all the excitement of funfair style gambling contests with the social party aspect of the classic drinking game to create the perfect activity to get any evening out of the starting gate in no time. 

The game comes complete with 4 horse and jockey themed shot glasses, a deck of racecourse picture cards, and full instructions on the packaging to get you started. The game uses the cards to enact out a race between four different horses, each represented by a shot glass. Players place their bets on which horse they think will win, with the loser of the race required to drink their shot glass as forfeit.

Drinking Derby is a fun drinking game from Gentlemen's Club. The game is intended to be played by adults aged 18 and over. Please enjoy responsibly.