Metal Earth - Golden Hind



After the Popular Starters' Series, Metal Marvels/ Works (now known as Metal Earth) has introduced even more exciting, more challenging models, the SILVER SERIES, to meet insatiable desires for avid and non-avid collectors alike!

These 2 plate SILVER SERIES (apart from the 1 plate starters' series) models are now even feistier, hotter than ever! Ranging from buildings, tanks, planes to popular icons and backed by history/ information of each model; the self-assembled 3D models from 2D precise details of laser cut plates easily transforms to "live" 3D metallic models that shines under the light in minutes!

Perfect for display on tables, shelves, cupboards, solar spinners, dashboards, window ledges, etc...there is never a dull moment these meaningful metallic iconic models will bring through the passage of time.

With increasingly new models introduced, collectors beckon to never bore again with pride of their show pieces.

Givers never run out of ideas to find the perfect model as great gifts.

For the hobbyist, the range offered will provide endless self-assemble challenges and ultimate satisfactions that require different eye for minute details combined with the steady hand of craftsmanship to erect each model.