miniWINDER is the worlds smallest earphone storage device with automatic retraction. It requires no batteries. Earphones are not permanently attached. When the earphones are pulled out, it automatically sets up the device ready for when you need to carry earphones again. Push the earphone cable across the top slot and push the button and miniWINDER grabs the earphones and starts winding. The first time you use it miniWINDER must be pre-wound by using the thumbwheel on the back. Works with most popular earphones (2mm diameter and 1100mm length or less). Will not fully wind up earphones with built-in microphones or other devices attached to the cable, including some iPOD models. 

More Details
Additional Information Push button earphone carrier Automatic retraction 8 different colors to choose 1 3/4 X 1 3/4 X 2/3in (46 X 46 mm X 16mm) for earphones less than 2mm diam, 1100mm length Compatible with most popular earphones No batteries required! Earphones not included.